All new Healthy Arteries Campaign partners receive the Project Workbook describing recommended campaign steps. The Workbook sets up activities necessary for a successful campaign which will result in raised awareness and increased demand for early diagnosis.

At the start of the Campaign, we encourage partners to perform:

  • RESEARCH AND SUPPORT OF PROFESSIONAL AND PATIENT SOCIETIES: Get connected with similar campaigns, key opinion leaders for PAD in your country and professional and patient associations related to the topic.
  • WEBSITE AND TEXT REVIEW AND TRANSLATION: Provide proper translations for materials and local website.

Some activities should be performed continuously, and we recommend they become a part of a weekly or monthly schedule:

  • REGISTRATION OF CLINICS ON THE MAP: Research and sign-up of clinics who perform the measurement and primary diagnosis of PAD, on the map of ABI measurement providers.
  • WEBSITE AND SOCIAL MEDIA BLOGS AND POSTS: Writing, editing and publishing content as well as participating in social media activities.
  • DISTRIBUTION OF PATIENT EDUCATION MATERIAL BOXES: Distribution of these boxes (order yours by writing to can be combined with visits to clinics and hospitals. Give them a Healthy Arteries box to spread awareness through these materials in their waiting rooms. This will encourage patients to ask about their measurements and hopefully encourage doctors and nurses to provide timely diagnosis.
  • GETTING KEY OPINION LEADERS ON BOARD: work closely with key opinion leaders and involve them in the awareness campaign. Attending to the concerns related to PAD and its risks strengthens your organisation’s position.
  • PROMOTION AND EVENTS: join local events or organize your own and start promoting Healthy Arteries to the general public. These events are an excellent opportunity to post and write about on your local Healthy Arteries website.