To become a partner of the Healthy Arteries Campaign, the applicant must pay a one-time partnership fee amounting 3.750 EUR (excl. VAT) for implementation of the campaign.

With the one-time partnership fee you will receive:

  • Campaign Project Workbook.
  • Use of graphic identity and visuals as well as preparation of all marketing materials.
  • Purchase of the preferred domain name and set up of local website in your language.
  • Support and consultation through campaign activities.


We are offering a 50 % discount for the one-time partnership (1.875,00 EUR) for applications arriving by the end of June 2022.

The partnership fee can change and is not refundable upon partnership termination.

Invoicing procedure

Invoices are sent as PDF per e-mail to the partners representative. If the partner requires a postal mail version, we will be sent it following the e-mail version.

Payments can be done by electronic bank transfer. All details on payment are specified on the invoices that are sent out.