Printed marketing materials are a highly effective way to promote a campaign and we have prepared these with care and focus on the patient. With unified communication across the world we want to create recognizability of the campaign in all participating countries. The Institute provides the designs for all marketing materials.

Materials available to the partners of the Healthy Arteries Campaign are:

  • Patient Education Material Box, perfect for distribution to healthcare providers for their waiting rooms, and includes:
    • 200 brochures,
    • one brochure holder, and
    • 30 give-away sand timers in a smaller box within the big one.
  • A giant walk-through inflatable blocked artery with signs and logos localised for the local market, a transport bag and a suitable electrical adapter.
  • A1 poster for use in waiting rooms and doctor’s offices.
  • Layouts for banners, billboards and similar advertisement posters.

While the Patient Education Material box, intended for waiting rooms, and the inflatable blocked artery are available for order and shipment, promotional banners, poster and similar materials are available in digital form and at member disposal for printing free of charge.

The boxes are available to partners for purchase at a price taking into account printing and assembly costs. Prices per box vary depending on the amount ordered; i.e.:

  • 12 boxes 24.90* EUR/box
  • 40 boxes 22.90* EUR/box
  • 100 boxes 19.90* EUR/box

(*VAT not included)

Prices for quantities not specified above depend on the actual costs and shall be agreed on a case-by-case basis upon partners’ request.

The giant walk-through inflatable blocked artery is available for purchase at a net price of 3,700 EUR + shipment costs.